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Waterperry House

Many short retreats are now available at the School's Waterperry House near Oxford. They are open to all students in the school together with friends and family. Click here for details.

Download the Brochure.

The house is set in spacious grounds that comprise beautiful gardens, a garden centre, a teashop, a farm shop, a church and several cottages. Click here to go to the Waterperry Gardens website.

Inside the house are numerous works of art, all produced by artists and sculptors who are, or have been, students in the School. The 'Artists' Hall' is richly decorated with marvellous frescoes in which each one depicts a meaningful philosophical story.

You can see the frescoes and more information about Waterperry House and the School from a YouTube video by clicking here.

As students progress through the School, longer study periods of up to a week are available at both Waterperry House and Nanpantan Hall in Leicestershire. (See also the Nanpantan Hall page.) 

Click here to see a location map of Waterperry House.

Waterperry House, Waterperry, Oxford, OX33 1LQ.    Tel: 01844 339518