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The School of Philosophy Wessex (previously called the Wessex School of Philosophy) was established in 1983, as a Branch of the The School of Philosophy and Economic Science, which is based in central London. in almost every year since then the Wessex School has offered courses in practical philosophy in a number of locations in Hampshire, Dorset and West Sussex and over the course of the years many students have enrolled, with many continuing after the first introductory course and a good many making it a life-long study and a way of life.

After a few terms of studying philosophy, students are encouraged to take up the practice of mantra-meditation which helps in applying philosophy to everyday life and bringing a sense of fulfilment, steadiness and happiness. 

Courses in economics with justice are also offered by the Wessex School from time to time. These aim to show how a more equitable distribution of wealth can be achieved while leaving the world in as good a condition as we find it, or better. Also, there are studies of Plato and Sanskrit.

The Wessex School also offers usually each term public talks on subjects related to practical philosophy and economics. These talks usually take place in either Winchester or Southampton and are advertised on this website.


The School of Philosophy and Economic Science is a registered educational charity, founded in 1937. The School is a centre of spiritual and practical knowledge and enquiry. Through the courses, activities and events offered it aims to help people lead a full and useful life through a better understanding of themselves and the world around, and thereby to contribute positively to society at large. The main subject explored in the School today is practical, living philosophy, based on the eastern teaching of Advaita (“not two”), which points to the unity underlying all phenomena. It has numerous Branches around Great Britain and there are affiliated Schools in many countries around the world. In addition, the School offers a range of other courses, seminars, workshops, concerts and lectures. 

Find out more about the School on the main London website.   Click here for location map.