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Introductory Course of Practical Philosophy - details

The Introductory Practical Philosophy course is administered by our head School in London, the School of Philosophy and Economic Science.

Term Dates: 3rd May to 18th July 2021 (half-term 31st May to 6th June).

A ten-week starter course considering the philosophical ideas and questions affecting our everyday lives. Offered free via Zoom in the autumn term.

Do any of us really know who we are? Or why? For thousands of years, philosophy has been searching for answers and seeking the truth in everything. Through Practical Philosophy we seek understanding not through theory, but from our own direct experience. Living life to the full. 

Enrol today for our stimulating and thought-provoking online course of ten weekly sessions.

Classes are held online via Zoom and each one lasts 90 minutes.

Fee for the 10 week course: £10.00 (reduced from £60.00).

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